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July Newsletter

Hello educators,

We hope you are enjoying a rejuvenating summer! Get ready for the new school year by booking one of our free, NGSS-aligned programs. Wondering what standards we focus on or what other teachers say about our programs? Check out our NGSS flier!

Heads up!

Our next newsletter will be published in November. We hope to engage with you before then via citizen science!


Join us for Citizen Science this Fall

Each year we find evidence of an increased risk of mosquito-borne disease in some of the neighborhoods within the San Gabriel Valley. Through our citizen science, students apply real-world solutions to reduce mosquitoes in their neighborhoods and do their part to protect their community from vector-borne disease!

Not sure the exact date that will work for your schedule? Don’t worry! Book us for a likely date and we will get a jumpstart on the school district’s requirements (Certificate of Insurance). These logistics can take some time. We’ll work out an exact date and details once the school year starts.


Santa Barbara Botanic Garden Resources

Check out their free phenomena resources or implement their Hummingbirds and Native Plants Unit.

Moth Webinar for National Moth Week

Why do butterflies get all the love? Join this free webinar on Monday, July 24th from 4 - 5pm PDT to learn about the interesting world of moths!

Science Book Club for Adults

Join the Arboretum Science Book Club hosted at the LA County Live Oak Library. First book: Blue: Search for Rarest Color by Kai Kuplferschmidt.


Truth or Myth?

Mosquito bracelets and bug zappers will keep me safe from mosquitoes this summer.

This is False! Unfortunately, mosquito bracelets will only protect the area around the bracelet. Bug Zappers attract many insects, but few mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide we breathe out and our body heat, not light. The beneficial moths and beetles will thank you for turning off those zappers! For more information about this topic visit our Bug Zapper webpage.

Best protection this summer: wear a repellent containing one of the 4 CDC-recommended active ingredients (Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus, DEET, Picaridin, or IR3535) when you are outside.


Submit your own mosquito or mosquito-borne disease related question!

We will answer submitted questions in future newsletters!

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