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September Newsletter


Now with the school year and classroom routines well underway, it’s content time! Here are some excellent additions to your S.T.E.A.M. curriculum. Enjoy!

A new school year, a new immersive, interactive educational experience...

We were awarded a grant from the Entomological Society of America (ESA) to create an education tool exploring the fascinating path West Nile virus must traverse to move from host to host via the Culex mosquito. Beautifully illustrated, this project bridges a significant gap in available material covering the transmission of West Nile Virus a threat to public health each year in the San Gabriel Valley.

Please! We’d like your students’ feedback (Grades 4-12) on this project. All they have to do is complete the experience! Your students’ anonymous assessment of the project will be included in the ESA presentation. Explore the intersection of entomology, virology, and public health with Journey of the Germ:

Teacher Resources

Take a Deep Look 🔎

Check out this science video series that dives into the smallest of things. Explore KQED and PBS’ amazing Deep Look videos here.

Citizen Science Enrollment for Fall Semester Ends Soon 🤓🔬

Get your students outdoors and apply science practices. Enroll your students to participate in the Vector Inspector Program for this Fall. Sign up here!

Learn from the Pros 📝

Take a FREE online course with National Geographic! Classes for educators cover a range of topics. Cohort and self-paced options available. Learn more here.

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