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Promoting simple, healthy living to reduce mosquito-borne diseases in our cities through FREE CA NGSS-aligned student science programs.

Operation Mosquito G.R.I.D.
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Teacher Professional Development
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School Programs

Student playing Spot the Difference game


Classroom Programs

 Kindergarten - 6th Grade NGSS-aligned mosquito-borne disease presentations giving students tools they can use at home to lead healthier lives.

Student holding up water sample instruments


Community Science

Students contribute to vector control and public health by collecting water samples or surveying for mosquito eggs at home and sharing their results.

Students engaging with Little Champions materials

TK — Pre-K

Little Champion Programs

Students learn about the world's deadliest animal and how they can become little champions who create bite-free habits and healthy homes. 


Teachers using a microscope and key during a professional development


Professional Development

Learn about the most dangerous animal on the planet and get trained on a NGSS-aligned community science program to implement in your classroom.

Journey of the Germ logo containing a virus, bird, and mosquito.

Journey of the Germ

Animated and interactive video depicting the spread of West Nile virus from host to host by a mosquito. See the surprising difference a few degrees in temperature can make on disease transmission!

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Teacher Resources

NGSS-aligned resources and more at your fingertips.

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