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Promoting simple, healthy living to reduce mosquito-borne diseases in our cities through FREE CA NGSS-aligned student science programs.

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Virtual Presentation
Vector Inspector Program
Classroom Presentation
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Journey of the Germ

Interactive Educational Experience

A dangerous germ links an insect, rainwater, and a sparrow to an unwary couple

Mosquito Intelligence Academy

 Kindergarten - 6th Grade NGSS-aligned mosquito-borne disease presentations giving students tools they can use at home to lead healthier lives.

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Citizen Science

Students contribute to vector control and public health by collecting water samples or surveying for mosquito eggs at home and sharing their results.

Summer Programs

Participants engage in interactive, hands-on activities like "Mosquito Lotería" to learn about mosquitoes and the diseases they carry. 


Self-Guided Materials

Students learn about the world's deadliest animal and how they can become little champions who create bite-free habits and healthy homes. 

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