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Summer Programs

Education Specialist presenting a game card to students.

EcoHealth Vector Education summer visits are filled with mosquito education, science, and fun. 

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Schools, day cares, summer camps, libraries, scouts, extracurricular programs and other interested parties living or operating within the San Gabriel Valley Mosquito & Vector Control District's service area.

Students engaging with a n EcoHealth hands-on game.
  • Mosquito reduction techniques to use at home

  • How to protect themselves from bites

  • Biodiversity and habitat preservation

Our programs use interactive, hands-on activities like "Mosquito Lotería" and other games to keep our visits fun and educational. Our message can be tailored to address a theme, if requested.

Check out our Secret Mission Tip 'n Toss game as an example of our common games.

Students playing "Mosquito Loteria," an EcoHealth board game.
  • One permanent room or space is required for the duration of the visit. Please plan to rotate participants through this designated location.

  • A Certificate of Insurance may be required by your organization or city (for city programs). This can take up to 8 weeks to obtain. Please sign up early to get this process started. 

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