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Reserve the Education Program Today

The safety of students, staff and our educators is our top priority. During an EcoHealth in-person program, everyone must adhere to current public health orders and follow CDC's school guidelines, as referenced by Los Angeles County Dept of Public Health.

Availability is limited due to high demand across 26 cities in the District, which includes more than 550 private and public schools. 

All of our programs and materials are free of charge to schools located within the District. We will work around your regular school schedule (recesses, lunch breaks, etc.).

Considering an In-person Visit?

In-person class visits: If your School District requires our program to submit a Certificate of Insurance (COI), please have your School District submit a contract to at least 8 weeks before our visit.

We can present for one or multiple classrooms and/or grade levels at your school, rotating each class through a designated room of your choice (after-school room, classroom or meeting room).

Rooms must have:

  • A projection surface/screen

  • Desks, tables or counter tops for display materials

Please fill out the following request form or click here to begin your reservation

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