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Homeschool Resources

Two students collecting water samples at home.

Resources aligned with science state standards, to help students cultivate science skills at home and create bite-free, healthy environments.

Video Resources

Photo of a screen with various videos on the EcoHealth Vector Education Program video playlist.

Our EcoHealth video library on YouTube is filled with resources that can be used as quick hooks for lessons or as core lesson content.

Vector Inspector Program

This fall community science program gets students outside looking for places where mosquitoes grow. Students:

  • Learn about mosquitoes & how to prevent them from growing

  • Receive tools to collect water samples

  • Collect and submit samples of backyard water to our lab for analysis

  • View community water sample results on Padlet


A minimum of 15 samples from different residences must be submitted to participate. Email below to participate.

Mosquito-focused Games

Secret Mission Tip 'n Toss Game

Home Defense: Allied Support Game

Ready to make learning fun? These science standard-aligned games emphasize mosquito concepts in an age-appropriate way. The games take about 10 minutes to play, building mosquito knowledge, social emotional skills, and vocabulary skills.

Science Standards (NGSS)

Yes, mosquitoes connect to the state standards! For more information on how each of our program is aligned to the California science standards for each grade, click on the button below.

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