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 Classroom Visits

Middle and High School

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Preparing Students for 21st Century Careers

Challenge students to apply their science skills via citizen science or expose them to S.T.E.A.M. careers through a career presentation.

Curriculum Enhancing Resources

Check out our Grab 'n Go outbreak mystery lesson or our award winning interactive educational experience following West Nile virus' path from a bird to an unsuspecting human.

Middle School

GRID_BG Trap.png

Operation Mosquito GRID is a citizen science program designed for middle school students

High School

Community Science Water Analysis Workshop:

The Vector Inspector Program (VIP) receives hundreds of water samples each year from San Gabriel Valley elementary students. Whether it's a whole class or a small science club, put your students' science skills to work for public health!


Students will learn how to identify aquatic organisms in water samples  and report findings.


  • Obtain parent permission

  • Must have lab space with functional microscopes

Mosquito Pupa

Mosquito pupa under the microscope

Interested? Email us at

Vector control is extremely diverse. From field to office positions, entry level to degree-based, and covering every thing from communications to data analysis, vector control has it all. Book us for a career talk or career fair!

Technician in the field inspecting a water sample

The West Nile virus group activity leads students though puzzles to solve a public health mystery. Students must use the evidence presented to identify the host, vector, pathogen, and the environmental factors leading to the outbreak.

Materials required:

  • Printed handouts

  • Printed worksheets

  • Large envelopes/folders to contain documents

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Teacher Survey

Journey of the Germ is an animated and interactive video that details how West Nile virus is spread from host to host by a mosquito. The experience illustrates the surprising difference a few degrees in temperature can make in the spread of West Nile virus.

Can something be done to stop the germ in its tracks? Follow the journey of the germ to find out!

Journey of the Germ Icon
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