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Growth Reduction & Increased Detection

Recommended Grades to Participate: 6th - 8th grade

Operation Mosquito G.R.I.D. (Growth Reduction, Increased Detection) mobilizes young scientists to get mosquitoes off the grid. Participants will use a specialized mosquito lure to learn about Aedes mosquitoes, one of the deadliest groups of mosquitoes in the world! All supplies provided by SGVMVCD staff.

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  1. Clear the area around your home of all trapped water and remove all containers, wet or dry

  2. Identify presence of invasive Aedes mosquitoes

  3. Report evidence to Headquarters

Student holding a phone

Step 1:
Create your Agent File

Student enrollment for fall 2024 will open in August

Hand holding a plant tray above a trash can about to toss out the tray.

Steps 2 & 3:
Clear Your Yard of enemy hideouts

Take samples of any trapped water on your property.


Tip out the remaining trapped water, toss out all containers, and set the lure. 

Image of egg paper with black Aedes mosquito eggs

Step 4:
Submit Evidence of mosquito eggs in lure

Submit the results of your mosquito egg lure.

Student sitting on a couch typing on a laptop

Step 5:
Take Agent assessment for full credit

Tell us how you continue to reduce mosquitoes in your neighborhood.

Map of the SGVMVCD coverage area highlighted in purple


Water Samples

Aedes Lures

Already a Mosquito G.r.i.d. Agent?

For questions or clarifications 

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