Growth Reduction & Increased Detection

Mobilizing citizen scientists to get mosquitoes off the grid

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for Fall 2021

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  1. Flush out the Enemy: Clear your yard or patio of any stagnant water

  2. Identify presence of invasive Aedes mosquitoes

  3. Report evidence to Headquarters


Step 1:

Create your Agent File

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Step 2:

Clear Your Yard of enemy hideouts

Submit a before and after shot of your yard or patio after you clear out all unused containers and tossed all stagnant water.

Step 3:

Submit Weekly Evidence of mosquito eggs in trap

Submit a weekly photo of the results of your mosquito egg trap.


Step 4:

Take Agent assessment for full credit

Tell us how you continue to reduce mosquitoes in your neighborhood.

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Already a Mosquito Grid Agent?

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 Discoveries: 2020

Recommended Grades to Participate: 3rd-8th grade

Operation Mosquito GRID (Growth Reduction, Increased Detection) mobilizes young scientists to get mosquitoes off the grid. Participants will use a specialized mosquito egg trap to learn about Aedes mosquitoes, one of the deadliest groups of mosquitoes in the world! All supplies provided by SGVMVCD staff.