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Certificate of Insurance

for a School or Program Visit

Did you know that your district or governing body may require a Certificate of Insurance (COI) before we can visit?

Check the list below to see if your school district already has a COI in place for the school year.

What if my school district is not on the list? You may be the first teacher from your school district to request a program from us. Obtaining a COI can take about 8 weeks to have the document drafted and approved by your school board.

Don't know how to obtain the COI?

Provide us with some basic information and we will work with your district to obtain the COI. 

Okay, now what?  Even if you have a date in mind that is months away, select the soonest possible date available on our online scheduler. This will get the process started. You are not locked into that date. Once we have the COI in place, we will contact you and you can change the date to fit your schedule.

List of school districts with approved COIs for 2023 - 2024:

  • Pasadena: CIS Academy & Sierra Madre Middle School

  • Garvey School District

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