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What are educational escape rooms?

Middle and high school students become public health detectives to solve vector-borne disease outbreaks. Students work as a team or venture individually, at school or at home.

Two Versions

Live Version

The clock ticks as a group of your students solve the vector-borne disease mystery. These live-hosted games feature both audio and visual clues. One of our experienced escape room hosts will be leading your game, verbally describe your surroundings while showing you a series of images and puzzles, and letting you know how you can interact with everything you see.

Groups of 10 or less. 

Self-Paced Version

Students work individually and at their own pace to solve the vector-borne disease mystery.


  • Both versions of the escape rooms require access to a digital device

  • Digital devices must have connection to the Internet

  • Free Zoom software is required for live versions of the escape room. Download it here and be sure it is installed on your computer or smartphone beforehand.

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Middle School

The Deadly Mystery: More than a Murder of Crows

Birds and humans are dying of an encephalitis-like disease. Can you solve the mystery and complete your science project in time?

High School

Clyde's Wild Ride



A mysterious illness sends an old woman to the hospital. You race to confirm what you suspect is the cause and alert the public health officials in time.

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