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Step 2:
Collect Sample
& Prep Yard

Deadline on Checklist

Hello Mosquito G.R.I.D. Agent,

By now, your parent/guardian submitted the permission form. Use your printed checklist to follow along as you complete each step.

Here is what you need to do:

Watch the "Step 2" section (2:38 - 8:18) of the video below for directions. Before going outside, apply repellent or take other bite prevention measures.

Girl 09-01.png

Follow along using your printed checklist


(Click on image to view printable PDF)

GRID Checklist.png

Only complete items listed on YOUR checklist

Part 1:
Collect Water Sample

Use the water sample kit (Resealable bag with clear, sample cup, lid, and dropper) to collect a sample from any trapped water you might find. You must do this BEFORE you dump out any water you find. Didn’t find water? You don’t need to submit a sample but remember to submit the unused kit!

Boy with Pipet-01.png
Closed Sample cup-01.png

Part 2:
Clear the area around your home

tip n toss.png

Tip out any trapped water remaining in containers onto the ground


Toss out any unused containers that might trap and hold water (even if they are currently dry). Ask for help from a family member if you can’t get rid of the water by yourself!

Boy with sources-01.png

Part 3:
Return water sample to bin at school

mosquito GRID trap drop box posters 2021 no instructions.jpg

Return water sample you collected to Return Drop Box at school. The Box will be in place starting Monday, but you MUST return your sample NO LATER than 10:00 AM on Wednesday!


No water? Congratulations! Return the unused water collection kit.

Run into any other issues? Let us know by emailing at


Agent Hagele and Agent Luna

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