Step 4:
End of Week 1 Luring


Deadline: Sunday, October 9th

Hello Mosquito G.R.I.D. Agent,

Congratulations on completing your first week of luring! Now, it’s time to save your data and reset the lure.

Here is what you need to do next:

Watch the "Step 4" section (9:03 - 11:25) of the video below for directions. Before going outside, apply repellent or take other bite prevention measures.

Girl 09-01.png

Follow along using your printed checklist

(Click on image to view printable PDF)

Step 4.1.png

Part 1:
Reset the detection lure 

shrub 1.png
GRID cup-01.png
  • Remove the wet paper

  • Dump used water from the lure

  • Insert Week 2 paper

  • Add fresh water

  • Place lure in same location

Part 2:
Take photos of Week 1 Paper

Boy 08-01.png

Part 3:
Allow Paper to dry completely 


Helpful Hint: Secure the paper with a heavy object until it dries

Part 4:
Save results (Paper)

Store dry paper in plastic resealable bag

Part 5:
Submit Week 1 photo

Girl 01-01.png

Deadline: Sunday, october 9th

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Agent Hagele and Agent Luna

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