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Step 5:
End of Week 2 Luring


Deadline On checklist

Hello Mosquito G.R.I.D. Agent,

You’ve completed your luring!

Here is what you need to do next:

Watch the "Step 5" section (11:32 - 12:52) of the video below for directions. Before going outside, apply repellent or take other bite prevention measures.

Girl 09-01.png

Follow along using your printed checklist

(Click on image to view printable PDF)

GRID Checklist.png

Only complete items listed on YOUR checklist

Part 1:
Remove paper from lure 

shrub 1.png
GRID cup-01.png
  • Remove the wet paper

  • Place paper on clean, flat surface with lots of light

  • Dump used water from the lure

Part 2:
Allow Paper to dry completely 


Helpful Hint: Secure the paper with a heavy object until it dries

Part 3:
Save results (paper)

Store dry paper in plastic resealable bag and store in kit box

Part 4:
Return Lure & Evidence to return bin at School

Be sure you return the following in the box:

  • Lure

  • Spike

  • Resealable bag with both papers

mosquito GRID trap drop box posters 2021 no instructions.jpg

Deadline: Tuesday

Run into any other issues? Let us know by emailing at


Agent Hagele and Agent Luna

G.R.I.D. Steps landing page

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