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MVCAC 2022

Post-Presentation Resources

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Presentation: Utilizing Technology to Facilitate Student Citizen Science Mosquito-Borne Disease Surveillance

By: Kriztian Luna Corona, Levy Sun, and Carol Anne Hagele

Symposia: Community Outreach and Engagement (February 8, 2022)

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Presentation Slide Deck

MVCAC Writers Workshop

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Support Applications


Used for integrations and establishing automated processes

Acuity Scheduler

Used for teacher reservations on

Hello Sign

Used for legally binding electronic signatures from parents


Used for automated e-blasts sent to teachers, parents, and students

Used for project management, integrations and automations


Used to post students' results and discoveries publicly


Used to gather knowledge gain, behavior change, and perception data from students and parents

Used to outline steps for students with links, photos, videos, and FAQs

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2022 Student Discoveries

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G.R.I.D. Webpages

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