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February Newsletter

Hello educators,

Love [for science] is in the air! Check out our exploratory resources below that will have your students enamored with the science that surrounds them daily.

Reminder, Science Education Day is March 14th!


Spring 2023 Classroom Programs

We started off our Classroom programs for this year at Pearl Preparatory School. Students K - 6 had a blast on their Science day and we were glad to have contributed to this great event.

Images of vector control staff with Pearl Prep students (1/17/23).

Book your classroom visit today!


Resources We Love

Courtesy of Virus Explorer
Courtesy of Virus Explorer

Virus Explorer

This great tool by HHMI allows students to learn about and compare viruses. They can use 3D interactive models and cross-section diagrams to explore more!

Mountain Rain or Snow Logo
Courtesy of Mountain Rain or Snow

Mountain Rain or Snow Tracker

Students can help improve estimates of precipitation (rain or snow) by submitting data when there is rain or snow.

Courtesy of Macaulay Library
Courtesy of Macaulay Library

Bird watcher

Using Cornell’s Macaulay Library, students can see spectrograms of bird calls while listening to field recordings of birds from around the world.


Mosquito Myth Busters

Truth or Myth?

Only female mosquitoes bite


This is TRUE! Both male and female mosquitoes feed on nectar as adults, but only female mosquitoes need protein from human or animal blood to produce eggs.

Image: Aedes mosquito laying eggs


Hate those pesky female mosquito bites?

Check out our repellent resource.


Want to submit your own mosquito or mosquito-borne disease related question?

We will answer submitted questions in future newsletters!

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