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April Newsletter

Hello educators,

Happy citizen science month! As citizen science enthusiasts, we are excited to share resources that transform students’ backyards into living laboratories.


EcoHealth Highlights

Mosquito Intelligence Academy (MIA)

MIA is visiting schools in the San Gabriel Valley. Here are some MIA takeaways from this past month!

Kindergarten Art: Ada Eez the mosquito teaches Kindergartners about what she loves (CA NGSS K-LS1-1): blood to produce eggs, leafy hiding places for safety, standing water for growth and development of young, and what she doesn't love (predatory mosquito fish).

Kindergarten student work- drawing of a mosquito and fish

6th Grade Exit Slips: Sixth grade students share concepts learned during a classroom visit after engaging with our new educational experience, Journey of the Germ, and the mosquito discovery table.

2 examples of 6th grade student work: "Mosquitoes are dangerous and can carry deadly disease and virus" and "I learned that in the summer when it's warmer, there are more mosquitoes. I also learned that water attracts mosquitoes and we should not let that happen"

Book your classroom visit today!


Resources We Love

Globe Observer Logo


Contribute to Earth system science research with NASA! Help scientists monitor clouds, water, trees, and mosquitoes!

Woman using microscope on phone


Check out this citizen science hub with thousands of unique projects. Give your students the opportunity to practice science skills and deepen their understanding on a topic by diving into research projects.


Submit observations and identifications of plants and animals in your neighborhood! Don’t want to submit observations? Seek by iNaturalist provides live ID suggestions!

Student using microscope and insect identification key

Mosquito Citizen Science

Students conduct mosquito surveillance by collecting samples from their properties and submitting them to our vector control district. Results are posted anonymously on Padlet. Sign up your class for our fall citizen science programs today!

Roots & Shoots logo

Roots and Shoots Resources for Educators:

For toolkits, service learning, project planning, guest speakers, and more!

Mosquito Myth Busters

Truth or Myth?

Mosquitoes grow in grass.


This is FALSE! Mosquitoes are often confused with much bigger, but harmless crane flies which do grow under the grass. Mosquitoes require stagnant water to complete their 4 life stages. One week after hatching, they will emerge out of the water and become flying (and biting) adults. Keep mosquitoes away– tip out any stagnant water on your property weekly and put away or toss containers holding water.

Image: Comparison between crane fly and mosquito

Photo credit: Coachella Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District

Want to submit your own mosquito or mosquito-borne disease related question?

We will answer submitted questions in future newsletters!

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