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August Newsletter: Back to School Resources


We hope you had a well-deserved and restful summer break. Back to school we go! Here are some resources to help get the school year off to an exciting start.

Shhh... Be on the lookout for a new, exciting educational tool in next month’s newsletter!

Teacher Resources

Soil, Space, and Everything in Between 🌎🚀

Check out this list of local cultural institutions providing remote educational tools. Explore here.

Keep Mosquitoes (and their itchy bites) from Coming Back to School 🚫🦟

Are your students coming to class covered in bites? They can learn how to reduce bites through an EcoHealth Vector Education classroom program or they can survey for mosquitoes by participating in citizen science! We still have spaces for Vector Inspectors and Operation Mosquito G.R.I.D. agents! Find out more here.

Resources that Flow 💧🌊

Need a lesson on water? The Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District has you covered! Educational resource materials, grant opportunities, water competitions, and more! Explore their page here.

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