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December: EcoHealth Year in Review

Hello Educators!

It’s been an eventful year and we are looking forward to 2024. But first, a look back at all we’ve accomplished - and we couldn’t have done it without you!

Overall, EcoHealth programs have expanded to new schools and cities this year. Our Education Specialists celebrate the efforts made by teachers to involve more students in community science and to fight mosquitoes and the diseases they carry.

Spring Classroom Programs

It’s all fun and games! This year 218 students participated in our gamified classroom programs. Students learned about mosquitoes as they built social-emotional skills and addressed CA NGSS standards.

Left Photo: Education Specialists assists students playing mosquito-themed games

Right Photo: Student completes a pre-assessment.

Vector Inspectors of the Year

This year, 48 Vector Inspector of the Year (V.I.Y.) students were awarded. These exceptional students went above and beyond, dedicating themselves to 9 months of vector control contributions!

Photo: V.I.Y. students from West Covina pose with the mayor and vector control staff.

Photo: V.I.Y. students from Pasadena Unified pose with their teacher, principal, and Education Specialists.

Photo: V.I.Y. students from Monrovia pose with their teacher and principal.

Garvey School District Professional Development

Our Education Specialists led a summer professional development for teachers at the Garvey School District. Teachers learned valuable information about mosquitoes and vector control efforts, including our education programs. We are grateful to the Garvey teachers that signed up their classes for Community Science this year.

Photo: Education Specialist introducing EcoHealth to Garvey School District teachers.

Fall Community Science

Photo: Map of participating schools. Vector Inspector Program in purple and Operation Mosquito G.R.I.D. in orange.

Over 1,000 students participated in community science this year! Of those, 459 students were in the Vector Inspector Program and 607 enrolled in Operation Mosquito G.R.I.D.! Their actions reduce mosquito growing sites in their neighborhood and the threat of mosquito-borne disease.

Photo: Students analyzing water samples in class.

It’s not too early to sign up for fall 2024 community science! Let us know you’re interested so we can get the ball rolling with your school district.

Updated Operation Mosquito G.R.I.D. Video

EcoHealth teamed up with Ramona Convent Secondary School (Alhambra) drama students to recreate the Operation Mosquito G.R.I.D. instructional video. A huge thank you to Ramona’s drama teacher, Tracy Clavin, for making this possible. Her students did a fabulous job blending the core educational elements with their own playful twist.

Video: Operation Mosquito G.R.I.D. instructional video


Truth or Myth: The San Gabriel Valley does not have mosquitoes during winter.

This is FALSE! Although mosquito populations decrease during the winter months, they can still be found in warm, humid hiding places– like underground storm drains! Our District’s underground storm drain crew continues to monitor and treat storm drains throughout the winter to protect the community from mosquito-borne diseases.

Photo: Technician inspecting a water sample from an underground storm drain.

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