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Spring Newsletter

EcoHealth Educator Toolkit

The EcoHealth Educator Toolkit shares resources to support science education and reduce mosquitoes in our homes and schools. This newsletter ensures that we provide excellent educational services to schools and families in the San Gabriel Valley.


Hello Educators,


Happy spring! We hope that you enjoyed your well-deserved Spring break and as the school year inches towards a close, the mosquito season begins. We‘re sharing resources to help keep mosquitoes out and scientific learning in.


Spring Toolkit banner

Spring into action: Educator Essentials for Mosquito Control


Checklist of items to inspect now around your classroom and school in preparation for the mosquito season.

Teacher looking down microscope during professional development

Professional Development

Middle School Teachers! Join us for a community science professional development opportunity this July 25th - 26th.

Three free Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) offered through Cal Poly Pomona at the completion of the program. 

Spring Self-Care Asset. Teacher tips surround illustrated teacher.

Social Media Post: Spring Self-Care


Share our 1x1 social media post to encourage student and staff self-care.


Sample Copy:

Self-care is in the air this Spring and so are mosquitoes. Keep staff and students safe with these savvy tips. #kickmosquitoesout #sgvmosquito

Photo of a family in the garden

Spring into Cleaning, Stop Mosquitoes Biting!


Share this season’s mosquito campaign with parents and school staff.

Screenshot of YouTube "Mosquito 101" Playlist

CA Mosquito Awareness Week


Did you know California has its own mosquito awareness week?


April 14th - 20th


Show an engaging video this week to make your students aware of the most dangerous animal on the planet!


Mosquito Intelligence Academy Banner

Mosquito Intelligence Academy (M.I.A.) is EcoHealth’s classroom program that is grade-specific NGSS-aligned.

Students inspecting MIA specimen.

Image of EcoHealth’s Mosquito Intelligence Academy (M.I.A.) in action!

  • Students will learn about mosquito source reduction, bite prevention, and much more

  • M.I.A. runs until June

  • Sign-ups are open! Please allow for 8 weeks to obtain a Certificate of Insurance (COI) if required by your school district. District-wide COIs already in place with:

  • Bonita USD

  • El Monte City School District

  • Garvey School District

  • Pomona USD

  • San Jose Charter Academy


Little Champions Banner

Little Champions is EcoHealth’s preschool program that is aligned with Kindergarten science state standards.

Students looking at insects in a Cornell Drawer

Image of EcoHealth’s Preschool Program

  • Perfect for ages 3 - 6

  • Includes interactive activities and an engaging presentation

  • Aimed to help prepare young learners for bite-free habits and healthy environments


Community Science Banner

Community science sign-ups are now open for the fall (August - November)

Students inspecting sample cups.

Images of students collecting and analyzing water samples for community science

Students conduct inspections around their own homes to identify potential mosquito habitats.

  • Students collect water samples that may be harboring mosquito larvae & pupae

  • Middle school students collect Aedes mosquito egg samples

  • Samples are analyzed and posted on Padlet


For more mosquito-related information, visit the San Gabriel Valley Mosquito and Vector Control Website.

San Gabriel Valley Mosquito and Vector Control's Logo

District Mission: Providing the highest level of protection from vectors & vector-borne diseases in San Gabriel Valley

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