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February Newsletter: For the Love of Science


Love is in the air…love for science that is! Looking for a festive curriculum addition or a new resource to keep the science spark alive in your students? Look no further!

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Valentine's day-themed activities 💕🔬

Dissolve candy hearts to test a hypothesis, make slime, or dissect the parts of a flower this valentines day. Find something your students will love, here.

Science News for Students! 📰🎉

Age-appropriate articles on a range of topics: Environment, Climate, Humans, Life, Space, Chemistry, and more. Check out the latest news here.

Science Journal for Kids and Teens 🧪📰

These journals are written for students in scientific journal format: abstract, introduction, methods, results, and discussion. Journal articles are complete with photos, glossary, and “check for understanding” questions. See for yourself, here.

Bite Back Tour: Be Water Wise and Bite Free (3/17/22) 💧🏡🚫🦟

Learn tips & tricks about staying bite-free while using (and saving!) water around your home. Find tour topics and details here. Check out the recap of last month’s Educator Spotlight episode here.

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