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July Newsletter: Citizen science opportunities


Gearing up for the new school year? Check out some of these programs and have students apply science skills outside the classroom walls.

Teacher Resources

Bee Curious About Plummeting Pollinator Populations 👀🐝

Help bumble bee researchers by documenting sightings of bumble bees with declining populations. The California Bumble Bee Watch launches in July 2021. Adopt a grid to monitor in your area! Does your school have a vegetable, flower, or native plant garden? Adopt the grid where your school is located.

Get Nerdy about Native Plants 🤓🌻

Native plants invite bumble bees and other native animals. Check out the California Native Plant Society School Garden page to learn about starting a school garden and for native plant activities.

Wipe Mosquitoes Off the G.R.I.D. 🚫🦟

Bring science into students’ backyards! Sign up your class today for a citizen science program this fall. Learn more.

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