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November: through the school year


Happy S.T.E.A.M. day! Thank you for motivating and inspiring students to be innovators and build towards a brighter tomorrow. mosquitos out with citizen science

Photo: Mosquito larva in water sample. Photo taken by student.

Our citizen science is coming to a close for 2022. Grace Miller School and Rio Hondo Elementary students participating in the Vector Inspector Program (V.I.P.) helped us eliminate mosquito habitats. What did they find? Check out the V.I.P. water sample results here.

Photo: Aedes mosquito eggs on oviposition (egg) paper. Photo taken by student.

Middle school students from Lone Hill Middle School, Clifton Middle School, Sierra Madre Middle School, San Jose Charter Academy, and CIS Academy have submitted their Aedes lure results. See their lure photos here.

Did you know we offer free professional development for Operation Mosquito G.R.I.D.?

Kick Mosquitoes Out of School

Wondering what you and your school can do to reduce the number of mosquitoes in classrooms? We have answers! Visit our “Kick Mosquitoes Out of Your School” webpage here.

Focusing on the “A” in S.T.E.A.M.: ART

Check out some great ways to add more art into your classroom or provide parents with some fun project ideas for winter break! Explore ideas here.

STEM Calendar

This resource has a calendar of science activities for students based on seasonality and holidays.

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