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August Newsletter: S.T.E.A.M. for the New Year


We hope you are feeling refreshed and ready to rock this school year! Get off to a great start with these fun, educational resources.

Backyard Fun in the Name of Science

It’s not too late to sign up for our citizen science programs. Our elementary and middle school programs are loved by teachers and students! Join in on the fun and wonder of outdoor science.

Oooo Ology

Looking for interactive biology, earth and space, or human culture resources? The American Museum of Natural History’s Ology Resource has your back!

Games to Guide Learning

Explore free Smithsonian STEM games and simulations online or for download! Check out their resources here.

Fall in love with Gardening

8/18 @ 11AM

Rock out with passionate plant people. This is the perfect time to dig into California native plants! We are connecting our plant experts to you during this episode. You will learn how California Native plants bring nature to your home, reduce mosquito activity, and allow for beneficial bugs to thrive in your community. We'll also chat about simple ways to help create balance in your local ecosystem. Let's bring biodiversity to our doorstep! Learn more here.

Teacher Training Course @ Cal Poly Pomona

Our first ever Operation Mosquito G.R.I.D. teacher training was a success! Middle school teachers learned about mosquito biology, vector-borne diseases, surveillance strategies, mosquito source reduction, bite prevention strategies, and the impact of climate change on mosquitoes.

On lab day, we rolled up our sleeves and looked at water samples and mosquitoes under the microscope. Teachers are now trained and ready to teach their students how to collect and identify Aedes mosquito eggs and report their findings to our public health agency. We can’t wait to see what our citizen scientists find in their backyards!

Image 1: Teachers identify samples under the microscope using an Urban Critter Pictorial Key

Image 2: Teachers learn about the mosquito life cycle

Image 3: Teachers prepare their oviposition (egg) cups used to capture Aedes mosquito eggs

Image 4: Teachers analyze oviposition papers under the microscope for the presence of Aedes mosquito eggs


Summer Programs

A big thanks to the City of Arcadia, B’nai Simcha, Emmaus, the City of Sierra Madre, and Vine day care for inviting us to present at their summer programs. We had a blast!

Top left image: Mosquito Lotería game boards ready for students to play and learn

Top right image: Books and insects for students to explore

Bottom left image: Live mosquitoes and insect collection on display

Bottom right image: Life cycle matching activity and insect collection

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