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July Newsletter: Summer Fun


Cruising through summer? We sure hope so! If you’re itching to learn something new or hand off some fun activities to your kids, the links below are here to help.

Free PD

The David S. and Ruth L. Gottesman Center for Science Teaching and Learning offers online and in-person teacher professional learning opportunities.

Little Champions Activities

Looking for a fun, educational activity for young children? Our Self Guided Curriculum is filled with fun activities for students grades pre-K - 2.

Opportunities Outdoors

Get your students outside and exploring the natural world! This Edutopia article gives examples of outdoor activity and highlights why our lessons can benefit from some fresh air.

Enhance your curriculum with citizen science

Bring science into students’ backyards! Sign up your elementary or middle school class for a citizen science program.

High school teachers: Your students can help us analyze samples brought in by our elementary and middle school students and learn valuable aquatic organism and vector control identification, reporting and other job skills! Interested? Contact us:

A big thanks to Little Sunshine Preschool and Temple City Education Center (TECC) for inviting us to present at their summer programs. We had a blast!

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