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EcoHealth: Spring Issue

In honor of National Teacher Appreciation Day, we thank you for your dedication to educating and inspiring the next generation of scientists.

Next school year may bring many uncertainties, but one thing is certain: EcoHealth is ready to engage your students in STEAM for FREE!

Our FREE curriculum offers virtual, in-person, and hybrid CA NGSS-aligned lessons and activities. Visit for more information. Book us, relax, and learn something new along with your students!

Teacher Resources

Celebrate International Biodiversity Day this May 22 with these lessons and phenomena:

Why is Biodiversity So Important?

What makes one ecosystem strong and another weak in the face of change? Kim Preshoff of TedEd details why the answer, to a large extent, is biodiversity. Click here to watch.

Spiky, Hairy, Shiny: Insects of L.A. Online Exhibition

Explore the insects living in our own neighborhoods. Click here to watch.

“Let’s Grow An Air Pollution Garden Together”

Class Project Idea: Grow beans as a class to learn about ozone damage. Click here to watch.

Eavesdropping on Nature Gives Clues to Biodiversity

This scientist at the University of Puerto Rico is trying to track how animal populations are affected by a world that's under increasing pressure from human activities. NPR audio clip featured on All Things Considered.

Little Champions

Request FREE CA NGSS-aligned booklets or print select handouts for students grades K - 2 covering biodiversity, mosquitoes, and more. Click here to watch.

What is Biodiversity?

In this video from SciTech Now, Dr. Shahid Naeem explains what constitutes true diversity in nature. PBS lesson for grades 6 – 12. Click here to watch.

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